OLX - A Great Way To Sell Things

OLX - A Great Way To Sell Things 

OLX is the following generation of online classifieds that offer you a chance to post ads on the web by OLX Free App. It is an online classified website that provides a simple and instant solution to the complications included in buying, selling, discussing, trading, arranging and meeting people close to you, wherever you might live. On this powerful and popular classified website, you can simply design colorful and rich ads with videos and images. You can also leverage your buying, selling and community activity in the form of My OLX option. You can also show your ads on social sites like MySpace, Facebook and many others.
Services offered
This website offers you an option to post an ad related to anything. For an instance, if you are interested in selling or posting things related to categories like home and furniture, mobiles and tablets, electronics and computers, pets, vehicles, clothing and accessories, sports and health, jobs, books, CDs and hobbies, real estate and many others, you can consider this online portal to meet your needs and preferences. As there are lots of online classified websites available on the internet, but OLX is one of the popular and the best online classified site. Most of the people prefer to sell or buy things of any type with the help of this online platform as they consider it effective and reliable one.
Olx Free App

OLX offers an app for Smartphone and mobile users so that they can post anything related to jobs, real estate, mobiles, accessories and many others with the use of their mobiles. You can sell or buy anything right from your mobile devices by searching on the OLX site and installing the app on your devices. This app is both beneficial for sellers and buyers. Features of OLX app are mentioned below:
  • To post a post to sell your service or product, you need to just click on the image.
  • You have to search and surf merchandise around you by discrimination the placement of your mobile devices.
  • You can make of Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook and also your email to share your advertisements with everyone.
  • You can also reply to posted ads and contact the advertiser with the help of an app, if you are a buyer.
  • You can also see all the ads obtainable around you with the help of embedded apps.
  • All the ads are posted within the real time scenario.
Olx app for iPhone, iPad touch and iPad
This app is available free of cost. It is available for different operating systems like iOS, Blackberry, Windows, Android and many others. You can get OLX App for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices from the Apple Play Store that is, iTunes. You just need to install an app on your devices and start taking the benefit of it for your classified ads in an easy and quick manner. You can also get this app online, if you are unable to get it downloadable from the Play Store on your device. In this manner, the OLX offers you advanced method to enhance your user experience in the form of a OLX app.

How to creatively organize your mobile apps

The other name for Smartphone is ‘tonnes of applications.’ It is barely possible to have a smart phone and not have a huge number of applications on it. Also, why not? That is what these phones and applications are made for. To make life convenient for the users. But what if the users find it inconvenient to find the app that they need in the mix of colored icons that are present on the home screen or the apps menu? Not too convenient, is it?

If you have faced this problem more that thrice on the same day, then maybe it is time for you to organize your smartphone in a way that all the apps are visible and easy to find. 

Here are seven ways to do so:
-          Verb Based Folders: 

This is one way you can organize your apps, make folders for different activities. For example, if you have two or more chat messengers then put them under the ‘connect’ category. You could do that for all the applications that you use, and add new apps to the respective folders as and when you download them. 

-          Color Coding: 

      This is a way to place all the similarly colored icons together on the screen. It will look appealing to the eye and also makes it easy to spot the different applications.

-          Alphabetical order: 

      This is the classic way to arrange just about anything. The best part is that this is a feature that is available in all smartphones. All you have to do is to go to the settings and select the feature. It will take less than five seconds to organize your applications.

-          How you hold your phone: 

      This is a factor that also has an impact on the visibility of applications, if you are right handed then all the frequently used apps can be placed on the left side because of the ease of access.

-          Themed rows or columns: 

      You could arrange all the related apps in the same row or column to make sure that it is all in the same place. You will eventually get habituated to the placement of the rows or columns and will get more organised.

-          Frequency of app usage: 

      This is a way to design the screens in a manner that the first screen has all the apps that are most frequently used, the next that are used often but not as regularly and so on. This will help a person to get out of one and get into another app with ease.

-          Emoji Folders: 

      If you find folders too boring and annoying, then you can use emoji themed labels. You can go all out creative with this one by using music notes, pictures with word and much more.

It is pretty important to keep your phone organised, it will not only save you time but also spare you the embarrassment of a cluttered phone when in front of people. 

iOs Applications to follow FIFA

While the Google Play store offers its users with several options of applications to track the FIFA world cup 2014, iOs has a lesser number of options. But there is nothing to worry about for Apple users, they may have lesser options, but they do have some very good apps to choose from. Here are the top iOs apps that can be used to track the biggest tournament of the year.

-          The FIFA app: This is the official application launched for the season. It is a source of information that is detailed and well sorted. The application gives the users access into the tournament by providing the users with the latest news and all the match standings and national team rankings. Match schedules, destination, guides etc. are also features on the application.

  Forza Football: This application is not merely an information directory but also a forum for discussion. Aside of tracking the schedules, results and important parts of the match and the statistics, the application also allows for people from across the world to voice out their opinions and discuss the game, the teams and the players. 

   ESPN FC Football & World Cup: ESPN is the official broadcaster for the world cup, the application that they have launched is one which will deliver quick updates to the users. The highlights can be caught just a few minutes after the action and all the statistics and line ups will be available to the users much before the users of any other application.

-          One Football Brasil: This is another application on the apps store that will keep its users updated on the tournament. It offers minute-by-minute commentary, all the breaking news, schedules, results and statistics. The application also features videos from the various press conferences and interviews that are held in the course of the tournament.

There are many more apps that are supporting the Football update for the season as it is ‘the beautiful game’ and is meant to be followed. Some of them are: Brazil- World Soccer Finals, Travel Portuguese Futebol Edition, FIFA14 and many more. All of them will offer you a very well updated and clear report of the world cup. If you cannot find the time in your busy schedule and enjoy the tournament like you did in your teen years, you can use these apps to keep track of what is happening. 

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