How to creatively organize your mobile apps

The other name for Smartphone is ‘tonnes of applications.’ It is barely possible to have a smart phone and not have a huge number of applications on it. Also, why not? That is what these phones and applications are made for. To make life convenient for the users. But what if the users find it inconvenient to find the app that they need in the mix of colored icons that are present on the home screen or the apps menu? Not too convenient, is it?

If you have faced this problem more that thrice on the same day, then maybe it is time for you to organize your smartphone in a way that all the apps are visible and easy to find. 

Here are seven ways to do so:
-          Verb Based Folders: 

This is one way you can organize your apps, make folders for different activities. For example, if you have two or more chat messengers then put them under the ‘connect’ category. You could do that for all the applications that you use, and add new apps to the respective folders as and when you download them. 

-          Color Coding: 

      This is a way to place all the similarly colored icons together on the screen. It will look appealing to the eye and also makes it easy to spot the different applications.

-          Alphabetical order: 

      This is the classic way to arrange just about anything. The best part is that this is a feature that is available in all smartphones. All you have to do is to go to the settings and select the feature. It will take less than five seconds to organize your applications.

-          How you hold your phone: 

      This is a factor that also has an impact on the visibility of applications, if you are right handed then all the frequently used apps can be placed on the left side because of the ease of access.

-          Themed rows or columns: 

      You could arrange all the related apps in the same row or column to make sure that it is all in the same place. You will eventually get habituated to the placement of the rows or columns and will get more organised.

-          Frequency of app usage: 

      This is a way to design the screens in a manner that the first screen has all the apps that are most frequently used, the next that are used often but not as regularly and so on. This will help a person to get out of one and get into another app with ease.

-          Emoji Folders: 

      If you find folders too boring and annoying, then you can use emoji themed labels. You can go all out creative with this one by using music notes, pictures with word and much more.

It is pretty important to keep your phone organised, it will not only save you time but also spare you the embarrassment of a cluttered phone when in front of people. 

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