How to select and present your dad perfectly.

It is quite common for kids to not know what to gift their dads on Father’s day. In fact there are many who go to stores and ask the manager if their dads will like some commodity or not. Many seek help from their mothers and get a nice gift. Here is a guideline on how you can help yourself in selecting the gift for your father on his special day.
Firstly, it is possible that you do not get to spend much time with your dad, but sit down and pen down all his interests. Make a list of all the things that he loves to do and see what he likes best. Once you have decided on what his best interest is, then see if there is anything that he needs to perform that activity. For example, it could be a kind of club for a golfer dad or a spare tennis racket or even a particular book that he has been looking for but haven’t found it.

It is best of there is something that he has been trying to find in the market but in vain, you can make it your mission to go and get it for him from just about anywhere. If you do not have a big budget, then you can look online for the same commodity, you might find it for a cheaper price. Once you have found your gift, and bought it make sure you gift wrap it. It is the look of puzzle and then the surprise that you are waiting for.

While you gift wrap the present, make sure you put in a small letter and a card that you write yourself. Express what you really feel about your Father and think about all the sacrifices he would have made to make you the person that you are; express all that gratitude in the letter and pack it.
You could also try to give him the gift in a different manner, you could set down a trail of clues that he has to solve or just leave it by his bedside before he wakes up in the morning. Make sure you are around to see his reaction after he receives the present and if you can, capture it on a camera or video, it will be one of the fondest memories that you will share with him for the rest of your life. 


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