What to buy your Tech Savvy Dad?

With Father’s day around the corner, it become a puzzle to figure out what you will buy your dad. Here are some great ideas that you can use for a gift for your tech savvy father.

-          Fitness Band: If your dad is lazy, then maybe his fetish for technology can make him move and shed some calories. There are a few that will annoy him to the extent where he will have to get up and move.

              Headset: If your dad is a music lover, then why not buy him a headset that he can use while he goes for a walk or is using public transport. It will be a great gift that he can use on an everyday basis.
-          Laser guided tactical necktie: This is something your dad can use for the presentations that he makes at office. The tie has a laser light that will point for him, he does not have to pick up and place the remote every time he makes a point.

             The harmony smart control: This father’s day give your dad full control over all his devices with a smart remote that will control everything, right from the phone to gaming consoles and much more.
-          Mophie Space Pack: This is a device that is designed for the i-Phone 5 and 5S. It serves as a case for three phones at the same time, as a charger and also give the user 32GB of extra storage space.

             A digital soda maker: Now make your father’s day much more special by making his night soda with a digital soda maker. It will also save a lot of soda money that your dad spends in the long run and the drink will be twice as tastier.
-          Bestek 110W power inverter: This is a gadget that will let our dad charge his small gadgets with the help of his car battery. It is useful for people who have to travel a lot on work and also for the dad who are camping enthusiasts.

            Fifty Three Pencil: Sure your tech savvy dad has bought himself a tablet, but he hates the idea of tapping the screen all the time because he doesn’t like the finger print. This pencil lets the person even draw and sketch on the tablet. It generally works with the paper app, but when it is turned off, it can be used for the regular tapping that we perform on the tablet.
      Google Chromecast: It is obvious that your dad has an internet connection, but this is a way to get it all onto a television without having to perform major integration operations. It would be a great gift to your father.

      Keyport Slide: This gadget looks like a Swiss army knife. It is a way to carry all the keys and tools in a compact and an organised manner.

All of these are sure to please your dad in a way that he has never been pleased before. There are a few out of the box presents that your dad might have not thought that you will buy him. 

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