Top 10 Android app updates

Here we are with the top 10 android app updates. We have collated the most frequently apps which is liked by the android users. An app is said to be the most useful by analysing the number of updates the developer has made rather than counting on the number of installs by the users. We have also spotted the apps which have 10 million installs and minor apps that have significant updates.  We have listed the top updates in all categories. So let’s start with the list.

1. Tumblr - Version 6.3.0
Whatever is your interest, you will find it in tumblr. It helps you to search for good, popular, weird, wonderful, interesting, etc. You can post whatever you want in your own tumblr.

Source : google playstore

·         Latest Version: 6.3.0
·         Size: 26.87MB
·         You can post live videos through Kanvas, YouTube, YouNow or upclose.
·         It is rebloggable.
·         Notifications are sent whenever the one you follow goes live.

2. The Score esports - Version 2.2.0
This app is compatible for all devices. It is the ultimate mobile esports app. It helps to view live scores, stats, push alerts and links to video highlights and streams from across competitive games.

Source :

·         Latest Version: 2.2.0
·         Size: 27.99MB
·         Starcraft II, Call of Duty and Hearthstone are best played with this app.
·         New spoiler mode helps to hide results and alerts until you want to see them.
·         The new version has got a bug fixed where hitting 'back' after the app is open will close the app.
·         It also has another bug fixed where Twitch links were not opening in the Twitch app.
·         The version has improved performance and design tweaks.

3. VNC Viewer - Version 2.1.0
The VNC viewer is a remote access app.  You can access it for free and it is compatible with all devices.  There is no limit to the number of computers you can access and how long you connect in for.

Source : Google

·         Latest Version: 2.1.0
·         Size: 4.6MB
·         Now even the peripheral devices like bluetooth mice, trackpads can be used to control a connected computer's cursor.
·         Horizontal scrolling and drag two fingers right or left are some of the newly added features in the updated version.

4. MyFitnessPal - Version 5.12.2
It’s the calorie counter - MyFitnessPal. It’s the world’s most popular health and fitness app. It holds the largest food database around 6,000,000 foods.

Source : google


·         Latest Version: 5.12.2
·         Size: 25.33MB
·         Restaurant Logging multi-add feature helps you to see multiple menu at once.
·         'Build your own’ feature helps you to create food like sandwiches, omelettes and burritos.
·         You can share your Progress Photos in MyFitnessPal newsfeed.
·         You can also add a milestone or a message to inspire others in the community.
·         Bugs fixed improved reliability and performance updates are added enhancements in the new version.

5. VLC for Android-Version 2.0.0
VLC media player is free and open for all cross-platform. It plays most multimedia files and discs, devices and network streaming protocols. It is similar to the desktop version of VLC. VLC for android is compatible for all devices.

Source: cyber free wishes
·         Latest Version: 2.0.0
·         Size: 16.43MB
·         It helps you store favourite folders and URLs.
·         You can save your playlists
·         It comes with network disk browsing (Windows shares, UPnP, NFS, FTP, SFTP…)
·         New permissions supports
·         Subtitles download

6. Samsung VR - Version 1.039
Samsung VR is a virtual reality service on the Gear VR. It delivers 360-degree video. This app is compatible only with Samsung mobiles. You can play any video directly in your Samsung phone without a Gear VR headset.

Source :

·         Latest Version: 1.039
·         Size: 4.43MB
·         You can now upload 360 videos directly to Samsung VR via the new Upload feature.
·         Samsung Mike VR is renamed as Samsung VR.
·         You can now auto play the next video in the current channel.
·         Minor bugs are fixed and enhanced in the new version.

7. Chrooma Keyboard - Version 3.0.0
Chrooma Keyboard is a lightweight and a fast keyboard which adapts to any app that you use. It gives you a pleasant and user friendly ambience. It is indeed one of the favourite keyboard apps for android.


·         Latest Version: 3.0.0
·         Size: 56.58MB
·         The gestures are integrated.
·         Multilanguage typing
·         It is integrated with Google Now.
·         Emoji page restyle
·         New Emoji
·         New settings

8. Snapseed - Version 2.6.0
The Snapseed 2 gets you the professional photo editing software to your phones. Just with tap of a finger you can adjust perspective, retouch, re-edit and many more. It has additional filters and adjustment features to your photos.

Snapseed 2

·         Latest Version: 2.6.0
·         Size: 22.28MB
·         Additional blue filter is added to the black and white filter.
·         White Balance is added in RAW
·         Minor bugs are fixed.

9. Waze - Version 4.4.0
Waze is the world's largest traffic and navigation app. It does many more than this by allowing you to share information on real time traffic, accidents and many more. The Google-owned app now helps the drivers avoid speeding. This app uses both GPS navigation and information from users as well.


·         Latest Version: 4.4.0
·         Size: Varies according to the device.
·         A new feature called 'Planned Drives' is introduced which helps you to schedule a drive and gives you reminder to leave on time based on live traffic conditions.
·         The bugs are fixed in the new version with improved stability.

10. Pocket Casts - Version 5.4.1
Pocket casts is a powerful podcast manager. We all love podcasts and hence this app was created for you to toggle with videos and many more.

Source :

·         Latest Version: 5.4.1
·         Size: 6.63MB
·         Thinner, lighter with less ports and chamfered edges.
·         Improved camera.
·         It comes with a new colour.
·         A lot of bugs are fixed in this version with some visible improvements.


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