After Apple, it is Google Play Music that is finally making its way to India, Can you believe it?

Finally, we are here with Google Play Music entering India very soon.
Several users were able to select songs from the apps catalogue through web version which was inaccessible earlier in India. The Indian price tagged is now seen for the download which is in INR. Google has priced the songs for a very reasonable charge say it to be like from Rs.15 per song and Rs.95 for an album.  But then when you compare the prices with Apple music, Google is definitely charging you more. Apple music provides Rs.7 for each song and Rs.70 for an entire album. The Google Play Music was launched in 2011 with unlimited downloads and other streaming services for $9.99 in the US, we have to wait and watch for the pricing in India. The Google Play music has 35 million songs and has already established its services in 58 countries.  
So what made its entry delay in India?      

Image source: Google 

 Loyalty related issues and copyrights kept Google away from the Indian market up till now. In a country like India, where people prioritise cost effectiveness as a key point, it can be a tough challenge for Google Play Music to have its stand among Saavn, Hungama, Apple Music and other competitors.

Another big challenge for Google is its late entry into the Indian market. As there are apps like Saavn and Hungama who already took a lead in the country and have gained a stronghold, it is definitely a challenge for them.

There are also rumours that the YouTube red will shortly be striking the Indian listeners. This app which runs on Google Play Music allows you to watch ad-free videos and save videos offline and play videos in the background. It looks like Google is testing the feature in India so the launch shouldn’t be very far. It is likely to say that Google will release both the services simultaneously.

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