Netflix's new content deal addresses is going to be a long awaited bliss to its subscribers

Netflix will never give up the war of winning.  This time Netflix grabbed its place by securing exclusive streaming rights to the CW. Netflix has signed a multiyear deal with CBS Corporation and Warner Bros entertainment. Netflix is given exclusive access to full seasons of The Flash, Supergirl, The Cee Dubs, Crazy EX Girlfriend, and The Vampire Diaries which will be telecasted just after 8 days after the show's season finale.
This indeed is great news for all those who were waiting forever for new seasons in Netflix. This of course addresses the previous weakness of Netflix for the CW shows. As of April 2016, Netflix has over 81 million subscribers worldwide which includes more than 46 million in the US and the rest in 190 countries. This will seemingly have an increase in the count with this deal going live.


Waiting for a fresh season of an ongoing show on Netflix is a real pain. For example the Netflix broadcasted the animated secret agent comedy Archer show just few days before the next season started airing in FX.
This was a chance for the competitors like Hulu to take advantage and offer new TV shows immediately after it’s been aired.  This attracted the audiences who want to stay up to date on the latest shows.
Netflix made sure that the CW programs are broadcasted immediately with no wait as before. Securing the shows is just one of Netflix's moves to secure its customers and audiences and to have a winning position among the HBO Go and Amazon Prime Video.
When coming to secure its position with Hulu whose potential strength is into live programming, Netflix is throwing its strength on premiere shows of the CW's like The CW's Archie comic reboot, Riversale.


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