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Allo is an instant messaging mobile app developed by Google and was launched on September 21, 2016. It provides a ‘smart reply’ function, using which users can reply to the messages without typing!!! Isn’t it cool??? It offers a first look at what’s possible with Google Assistant.

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Here Assistant is Google’s Al Chatbot which answers questions based on drawing as a medium to respond which was collected since many years. It even offers recommendations on nearby points of interest, plays games with you, cracks a bad jokes and etc. Using Google Assistant feels like more personal and conversational when compared to Google Now.

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Allo is a mobile-first. That means users can use Allo only on mobile phones there is no way to download it over the Web.
If you are interested in getting started with Google’s latest mobile messaging app, here are the details:

How to Install Allo:-
-          Open the ‘Play Store’ from your home screen or through app drawer.
-          Search for ‘Google Allo’.
-          Click on the three dots in the top right corner next to the search result.
-          Click on Install.

How to Set-up Allo:-
Allo is a mobile friendly app, which stands you all have to set up using your mobile phones.
-          First give Allo access to your contacts, phone storage and ability to send and view SMS messages.
-          Enter your phone number.
-          Enter the verification code.
-          Take a picture or choose the one from the gallery.
-          Add your name and click on Next.

How to Start a Chat in Allo:-
As we all know, Allo is a first messaging service on mobile which relies on your phone contacts. If Allo is installed on your contact, you will see their names on the top. If not, you can send link to your friends to download and start using Allo. All you have to do is, to get Allo installed in your contact and that’s it. Now it’s a very straight forward process to initiate a chat session.
-          Click on Message action button (Circular button with a message icon in the bottom right corner).
-          Enter your contact’s name in the search box or else scroll down to select the contact.
-          Viola!!!

Text Messaging and Allo:-
Users can’t set the messaging service as the default SMS client on mobile phones, as Allo is not a replacement of Hangout.
Allo offers the ability to message a contact that doesn’t have Allo installed through Play Services, but that’ about it. Users can talk to contacts over SMS with the message itself routed through Google’s server. But what to keep in mind is, Allo is not an SMS service by design. It has more similarities to 

WhatsApp than iMessage.
As mentioned in the note above, Allo is a mobile-first which means there is no way a user can download Allo over the web. It requires your phone/mobile number to get registered and user can only use it on one device at a time. Right now Allo is in the proverbial beta stage. But as the time passes, Google will add more functionality to the app.

Features of Allo:-
In this vast variety of messaging apps which are available today, Allo is loaded with functionality that differentiates it from the rest. First one is Google Assistant. It always runs in the background and is there to assist you when you are in need. Example. Sharing a picture of food? It will ask, if you want to take a look at the restaurants which are nearby. Interested in going out? It will offer a list of nearby places, events and movies right there in the chat window. Also it offers contextual information within chats, reply suggestions, emoji parties and much more.
Allo offers an incognito mode for private chats and you can choose from a variety of stickers when words are not enough.
When you are not in mood to type, you can select from diverse set of emojis to send your message across. There is an emoji for each emotions, occasions, and pets and even for social activities.

Incognito Messaging:-
Means ‘incognito mode’ does not store a record of your conversation. Using this facility, user can set a timer specifying the duration of the chat following which the chat will be automatically deleted. All ephemeral chats are overlaid with a grey incognito icon.

Top Features of Allo:-
.       Google Assistant
A chatbot that provides answers to your queries by drawing on the search giant’s machine learning smarts.
.       Response in a smarter way
While you chat, Google Assistant offers a series of responses based on the context of the conversation.
.       Emoji
When you are not in mood to type a word, go ahead and select an emoji out of many varieties based on emotions, occasions etc.
.       Scribble away
Jazz up images which you are sharing with friends by doodling on them or by adding text.
.       Emphasize your point with text
Allo offers facility to make your text larger or smaller. To use this effect, users have to press and hold the send button, and slide it up to enlarge text, and slide down to shrink it.
.       Stickers
Google has worked with ‘Independent artists and studios around the world’ to launch 25 sticker packs for Allo.
.       Incognito

Allo offers an incognito mode which does not store a record of your conversation.

Allo and Travelling:-
Allo is installed to your main phone number. But can switch your SIM card when you go out like travelling and still you can continue the Allo service without any issues. As far as you don’t active Allo on another device with the same number, you will be able to access the services.

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Should you use Allo? :-
Allo is just launched and there are several features which are missing. Even though it is tied to Google account, chats are stored locally and it did not make their way across when you switch to a new device. Lack of a desktop client is the biggest drawbacks for me; hopefully this issue will get fixed soon.

Video calling is the one feature which is not available on Whatsapp or Messenger. If Google manages to add this feature on Allo, it would have raised a good beginning against its rivals. Google Assistant really useful, but it has to be polished before it can be usable every day. While Google works on these issues, I am busy in pushing my friends and family to shift to Allo. 

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